Almaty Data Lake was established to provide an evidence–based basis for data-driven decisions and to identify and develop new proactive services for Almaty city residents.

Our approach corresponds to Singaporean model ‘Citizen 360⁰’, when good data governance allows implement the principle «data runs after a person, not a person after his data».


Simplify information exchange between various data owners at city level

Create a ‘single source-of-trust’ by spheres of city life

Govern and distribute data stored and produced on the platform

Сreate a secure environment for external users (Data-Sandbox)

Data Exchange Platform

This Data Exchange Platform consolidates all data sharing across multiple organisations into a single platform. This simplifies the system integration process, standardise the protocols used for data integration and optimises the resources needed for integration. Most importantly, it allows data captured once by a single entity to be reused across subscribing organisations to maintain data consistency across these organisations participating in this platform.



Almaty city Department of Digitalization and CrimsonLogic PTE Ltd extend cooperation on Almaty Data Lake project

An extended meeting of Almaty Data Lake participants took place on 3 April 2023. Project owners shared results of the established Social Cluster, including analytical cases executed on the project platform.

Concepts and future workplans on setting-up Economic, Logistics and Land Management clusters were discussed with representatives of government agencies and Almaty businesses.

Almaty Data Lake: strategy, principles, achievements and future plans
Almaty Data Lake: cluster development


Almaty city Department of Digitalization

Provides selected depersonalised data on Almaty city population – for cases addressing urban socio-economic problems

Almaty Su

Data on cold water consumption by individuals in multi-apartment buildings and private housing, as well as by legal entities


Data on utilities consumption by individuals in multi-apartment buildings and private housing

Transport Holding of Almaty city

Depersonalised data on public transport users in Almaty city


Our technological partner
“Almaty city Center of Information Systems”


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